Color Me Happy

Freshly Painted Kitchen.

Freshly Painted Kitchen.

Well, my kitchen has been re-assembled after the fresh paint job and here is a little peek at the results. I like the contrast of the ‘wicker’ against the ‘linen’ crown molding and ceiling. It appears lighter in the natural light of day versus night. It feels good.  I’d like to apply a handmade ceramic sheepy motif as a back-splash above the sink…only need a few tiles, but haven’t been successful in finding a local artisan. It may have to go on my to-do list and fire up the ‘ole kiln!

Next, we’ll tackle the dining room which normally only sees traffic during family get-togethers. Otherwise, it’s usually stockpiled with my on-going fiber projects and more stuff! Once upon a time, it also served as my office when I was telecommuting my last year at Ford before I ‘retired’.   It’s my only room with a southern exposure window which I filled with plants, herbs and topiaries. I placed a large bird feeder right outside the window so I could be entertained while working.

There’s a bit of prep required before we install wainscotting. I’m also experiencing some resistance on my paint color selection from the family…I think I’ll run up to the hardware store and purchase a small sampling of colors, paint a few swatches and then we’ll vote. I’m still pushing the pinky, rosey color. Ya know, color effects our mood and well-being and reflects our personality. I’m looking for some happy and cheery and maybe a little WOW factor too! 

BTW, hubby stopped on the way home and purchased a new sump with battery operated back-up…just in case. The sump pump has been running non-stop these past few days. You’d think Coon Creek ran under our house! Hopefully, that will calm my fears about flood waters in the basement ‘cuz ya know it’ll happen again when I’m home alone!?!


Here’s a sweet little knitted, felted & needle felted baby bootie I made for the shop. I also made a blue pair as well. Perhaps a few with bunnies? Spring brings forth all kinds of new life..and hope. In my spare time, I started working on a needle felted design featuring my dairy goats and sheep for a farm ‘logo’ of sorts for the back of a denim jacket. I also have more felted soap in the works too. Busy busy busy.

I think I’ll bake something…and post the recipe tomorrow. ‘Til then…blessings.


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