A Breath of Fresh Air Needed!

Think Spring...

Think Spring...

Yeah! After a month of Sundays, we finally finished painting the kitchen. I think we’ve painted the kitchen/eating area three times in the past 20 years since we’ve lived here. Let me say, I’m so happy with the results. It’s amazing what a little fresh paint will do for the mind and soul. And, in the process, we supported the local hardware store in town where we purchased all of our painting supplies. 

Most of my house is painted a very ‘safe’ neutral ivory linen. Over XMas, we painted my daughter’s bedroom & bath a ‘peace river blue’ and ‘almost too bright lime green’ for her B-day(Katie is 14 – which explains her color choice). We were on a roll (pun intended). What’s next up? You’d think we’d paint when we could open the windows, but once it’s nice outside, we usually turn our attention to outdoor projects…like cutting the grass, ! HA HA Seriously, there’s always some chore need’n attention around the barnyard!

Well, I wasn’t that wild with my color choice, but I did choose a ‘wicker’ kind of a tan/brownish color. It accents the linen ceiling and crown molding beautifully. Since we only paint on weekends due to the kids’ schedule, and hubby likes to paint during daylight, it seemed like painting the kitchen would go on FOREVER. BTW, I usually do the cut-in work and hubby rolls…but I think I may try rolling next time? You can imagine all the stuff off the walls, counter tops, cabinets (I’m able to display more stuff above the cabinets since I have no soffets) laying about the house out of harms way! However, there was an added benefit – I got an early start with Spring cleaning – cleaning out cupboards and such. No, I didn’t replace the contact paper on the shelves, but I’m think’n about it!

Hey, another bonus to our freshening project – we bought a new above-the-stove stainless steel convection/microwave oven. First new kitchen appliance in 20 years! Woo Hoo! Boy, I live under a rock – they’re expensive! It came with a cookbook so I’ll be exploring cooking new dishes.

Next up on the honey-do list is the ‘formal’ dining room. I think we’re going to install some wood paneling/wainscoting and I’ll carry the wicker paint over onto the wainscoting and choose a blushy pinky red for the walls. Hmmm? I’ve been looking at recycled farmhouse paneled wood doors. EEKS! Antique shops usually carry a few, they’re real chippy (lead paint issues?), need work and cost lots. I’ll need to do more shopping… 

A little side bar, had issues with water seeping into the basement again yesterday. After a little detective work, turns out the sump line/piping either broke or clogged and wasn’t draining away from the house; was actually bubbling up through the ground right near the foundation. Since the ground is still frozen, we put a temporary drain laying over top of the ground, ya know, that ugly black coiled hosing! YUK! What a mess!!!

So, I’m feeling like I’m going through withdrawals – no time for fiber’n. But, I cut more pussy willows for the house/shop. The catkins are so plump and fluffy. Could this be a sign of a really nice Spring? The two bunny patterns in the pic are my originals – either goes for $6 and includes travel fare and roving for a fuzzy tail.

P.S. My goats are about 4 weeks away from kidding. YEAH!

Happy Day!


2 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air Needed!

  1. Hi Jenny! You and I are in the same boat it seems! We are painting the kitchen right now as well. We are also getting new countertops and sink as well. Oh, and as I was eating breakfast, I saw the ground bubbling when the sump pump ran too. Every spring we lay a pipe out to pump the water to the front yard instead of the back. Time to do that again. Hope to see you soon!

    • Hi Trish!
      It feels good knowing what a little paint and elbow grease can do to spruce things up a bit! I’m too familiar with the soggy basement lately…I hope the ground thaws soon.

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