Fresh Eggs Anyone?

Most of my weekend was spent in the basement, an un-planned and premature Spring cleaning? I think most basements tend to overflow (no pun intended) with cumulative junk that we can’t seem to part with because we may NEED it for something, someday!? For example, I’ve been hanging on to Matt & Katie’s crib…for my grandkids someday. LOL  Come on! Matt and Katie are 17 and 14…grandkids are hopefully a LOOOOOOONG time off! Rather, I found a friend who could use a crib for a dear little one on the way. Does my heart good to know it will be well-used!

The de-humidifier and fans have been running non-stop and we’re ‘drying-out’ the last of three braided area rugs. Tossed out a bunch of stuff (mostly soaked cardboard boxes), reorganized…my basement has never been cleaner?! Hopefully, we’ll get back on track with the kitchen re-painting job. Been doing a lot of prep work, caulking, wall-washing, etc. All my stuff from the cupboard soffets are scattered about the house…hmmm.

I’ve talked about my chickens before and that I LOVE my fresh eggs. I usually hard boil a dozen at a time and always have some on hand for egg salad sandwiches or to toss in a salad, snacking and stuff. FRESH eggs are known to be particularly difficult to peel, but, I think I found a method that’s working for me. I steam the eggs for 20 minutes (that’s a lot) and then immediately immerse them in a pan of ice water. Interestingly enough, I found this odd writing from a friend’s old 1800’s tattered cookbook… “During the season when eggs are plenty and cheap, many persons pack them, small end down, in a box well covered with coarse salt, never allowing the eggs to touch each other. Have small holes bored in the bottom to drain off the moisture. Some use oats to pack in”.

Or, how about,  “To one half peck of unslacked lime add three pails of water. When cold, add one ounce of cream of tartar and one half pound of salt. This will keep eggs for a long time”.

An interesting read? What do you think? Enjoy the sunshine today! Jen

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