Day 2 – Flood Clean-Up!

Well, yesterday I guess you can say that I wasn’t very well prepared for a bit of crisis in my life.  I wasn’t prepared for the power outage before first morning light which led to the sump pump failure and the rising ‘tidewaters’ in the basement. What a calamity of errors as I struggled for buckets, pails, containers of any size to bale and hold the water from the sump.  I emptied the sump as well as I could and dashed to the barn where all my buckets are located… to water the animals. Duh? I knew it would only be a matter of minutes before the inflow would exceed my capability of hauling and dumping buckets – all the way upstairs…in the dark! What a sinking feeling of helplessness. YIKES!

As I waded thru the bone-chilling rising waters in the basement, I continued to bale – now assisted by my kids who had been sent home from school due to the power outage. Thank goodness I had their help! A little over an hour and the power kicked back on. Alleluia! Unfortunately, the damage already done – I’d like to think we kept it to a minimum. What a mess and we’re still cleaning up! At least it’s not sewerage! Just good old groundwater…and lots of it from a combination of warmer temps, snow melt and rain, high winds – a bad combination in any circumstance, but especially when the ground is frozen. And the insurance basically doesn’t cover anything!? First time in 20 years since we lived here…but TODAY is Friday the 13th??? Every bone in my body aches, still cleaning-up and trying to dry things out. Can’t exactly hang things out on the line to dry. But, trying to collect my wits, working on a felting project or two…ya know, to calm me.

Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s Day and we have a sweet family tradition that I’d like to share with you. We usually celebrate St. V- Day with a special dinner – ever since the kids were itty bitty. Everything on the dinner menu is heart-shaped or red or associated with Valentines. For example, we’re having meatloaf (a family fav) shaped in a heart, of course, mashed potatoes with a little red food coloring, sliced beets that Katie will cut into little hearts with a mini cookie cutter, biscuits – again, heart-shaped…you get the picture! I’ve made a special ‘to-die-for’ chocolate dessert called Charlotte Russe.  Takes a bit of effort, but well worth it. YUM!

So, hope you spend your day with someone special! Blessedb, Jen

One thought on “Day 2 – Flood Clean-Up!

  1. Hi Jenny. Oh… I’m so sorry to hear of your flood. I hope you’re on the dryer side now an that you didn’t loose too much.

    Did I say I love your header? Your artwork is beautiful. off to visit your new links….

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