It’s None of Your Beeswax!

Ever wonder how certain expressions or catch phrases got started? I came across an interesting article from a local honey producer – HoneyFlow Farm –  located in Dryden, Michigan and printed an excerpt below. You can find more at their website which I’ve linked in my fav’s.

…from the Southeastern Michigan Beekeepers Association Newsletter…

Today some of our commonly used expressions stem from the early uses of beeswax. In the 1800s, many men and women developed acne scars because of poor hygiene. To smooth out their complexion, women would spread beeswax over their facial skin. If the woman smiled, the beeswax would crack; hence the term “crack a smile”. If she sat too close to the fire the wax would melt; hence the expression “losing face”. If another woman stared at the face of one using beeswax she was told to “mind your own beeswax”. Early letters were sent without envelopes. A letter was simply folded and sealed with a small amount of melted beeswax. Any curious person who wondered about the contents of the letter was told “it is none of your beeswax”.

Have a honey of a day!

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