Brrr- Another Chilly Morning

Let me assure you it was another bone-chilling morning at 4 AM with temps here at -11 degree F. The kritters all seemed OK as we worked our way around the barnyard busting out water buckets. There’s evidence of the goats and sheep nestled in the barn by the depressions they left in the thick bed of straw. Although I must say that the sheepies appear seemingly ‘untouched’ by the frigid cold, blanketed in their warm wooly coats!  

It’s been another busy weekend and yet it seems as if I haven’t accomplished a thing on my to-do list! How is that? I always look forward to winter’s respite from gardening to tackle other necessary household chores and re-energize my creative juices. There’s a few rooms that need a fresh coat of paint…and perhaps paneling? I’m on the look-out for old recycled/salvage wood doors as well – to replace the hollow core doors in the house. While I dream of owning an old farmhouse, with squeeky floorboards and all, it’s not likely to occur in my lifetime. So, I’ve resolved to add farmhouse charm by design elements…little by little as the pocketbook allows.

I did manage to finish a prim doll I’ve been working on for Valentine’s Day – her name is Abby. She has my sheep’s wool as hair and holding 3 needle felted wool hearts attached to a twig with rusty wire. I’ve also been knitting up some wash cloths with 100% organic cotton – sooooo soft, that’s always a nice gift with some handcrafted soap! Speaking of soap, I’ll be stirring up a batch of  more goat’s milk soap later this week too.  I’m easily side-tracked, but another quickie handknit are these sweet ‘cupcakes’. You can find the pattern in One Skein. I turned one into a gift/present topper for a baby shower Katie & I attended Sunday. I stitched a few baby embellishment buttons from the craft store and filled the cupcake with dried lavender and a sprinkle of organic baby powder! It’s a great project to use up all those bits of leftover yarn! Well, I’ll leave you with a couple of pics… ttyl.  Jen

Handknit cupcake.

Handknit cupcake.

A unique package 'topper'.

A unique package 'topper'.

And here’s prim Abby…

Abby, a prim Valentine!

Abby, a prim Valentine!


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