Weaving Projects…

Last week I participated in a week-long weaving class at Heritage Spinning and Weaving. Our first project on the 4-harness loom was to weave a sampler with mercerized cotton as the warp and weft. I used my table top Leclerc ‘Meco’ loom. We reviewed loom anatomy and terminology, calculated warp and weft, and practiced reading a draft.  By Thursday, we were preparing the warp for our next project, a plain weave chenille/wool scarf. I chose a chartreuse chenille and a bright blue fingering weight wool…awesome! I learned lots and met really nice fiber folk! Here’s a picture of my weaving projects.  


This is the sampler we worked on – I used a neutral warp and black weft.

Chenille/Wool Scarf

Chenille/Wool Scarf

 The finished (fulled) scarf measures about 6 1/2 inches wide by 9 feet long. It has a very nice texture/drape that you really can’t see in the pic. 

Hmmm…I’ll be think’n on my next weaving project.

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