Too Cold for Comfort!

A snow-covered pergola.

A snow-covered pergola.

The past week here in Michigan has been frightfully cold and snowy. Sub-zero temps during the night and barely reaching single digits during daytime is neither fit for man nor beast! Don’t you agree? I’m hoping/praying for a January thaw? Oh, I’m sooooo ready for Spring!

Been making several trips to the barnyard to check on the kritters and offer them water before it freezes again – UGH! A little extra hay and corn in the daily rations can’t hurt either. Holly and Nelly are beginning to show signs of developing kids…or is it a layer of winter coat?? The goat kids are due in April and is a long way off. Can’t tell a thing with the wooly sheep under all that fleece!

I spent the entire past week at Heritage weaving on a 4-shaft loom. We worked on a sampler, beginning with calculating warp, dressing the loom and finally reading patterns and weaving. Thursday we removed our sampler from the loom and prepared for another weaving project – a chennile and wool scarf. We managed to dress the loom Thursday for the most part and were ready to begin weaving on Friday. I plan to return to the shop today to hopefully finish the weaving. I’ll post a few pics when I’m done.

While you’re safely nestled indoors this winter, take the opportunity NOW to view your garden with a critical eye. A well designed garden carries interest year-round! Probably the most important ‘stage’ of gardening is PLANNING the design. Many of us are impulse buyers, purchase all kinds of plants because they’re ‘on sale’ and figure out what to do with them when we get home. Sound familiar?

It may seem over the top, but sit down and imagine, dream and sketch your garden on paper first! Consider exposure to the sun, existing features or structures. Consider your gardens as compartments or living spaces…every room can have a different theme. Begin to think about developing and defining that space with paths, walls, hedges, trees. Formal and complex or informal, natural and free-flowing. Add interest with design elements such as fences, arbor, obelisk or trellis, stone fountain – working a design vertical as well as horizontal.

Finally, look at plant lists and catalogs. Do you have a theme in mind, such as a butterfly garden or cutting garden or shade garden? Do you like hot colors or cool colors? How about a moon garden for evening entertaining? So, as the north wind blows, dream on and plan your next garden and you’ll be prepared this Spring and growing season!

BTW, I finally updated my website so check it out!

Blessed be, Jenny

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