Sincere best wishes for a Happy New Year to all of you! Like so many folks, I’ve made several resolutions for the new year. A few are directed at self-improvement – like becoming more skilled at weaving, take time to spin for ‘me’ , but more importantly, to give more of myself to the community. I’ve also resolved to “KEEP IT SIMPLE” and undo all the clutter in ALL aspects of my life. 

Perhaps that’s why I’m attracted to primitive antiques! I don’t know a lot about the specifics of these objects, but I know that every object was hand-made, often one-of-a-kind and had a purpose. Through the wear & tear, you can see the pride and care the people took in making it. That’s the same passion I try to incorporate into my work, whether it’s my hand-crafted goat milk soap, fiber art and woolies or herb gardens.

An update of happenings on the farm…the dairy goats are bred as well as a couple of my ewes, so I’m already looking forward to new Spring arrivals! I sooooo miss my goat’s milk! My hens are laying about a dozen eggs a day – NEED EGGS??? I recently purchased a pair of Shetland lamb ewes to add to my flock. Dove has a beautiful white fleece and Dahlia, who’s currently black, will most likely be a beautiful silver.

The gardens are all resting under a blanket of snow and the seed & plant catalogs are beginning to flood the mailbox. I’m brainstorming new fresh-from-the-farm products for the shop and undergoing a MAJOR freshening of my Sheepy Hollow website – to be up-loaded soon (hopefully?).

This winter, I hope you enjoy the simple comforts of home and the warmth of family and friends!

God bless, Jenny


One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Great post Jenny! Wonderful farm and animal pixs. Makes me long for my own lovely ewe for the pasture. Your daughter’s horse is beautiful great action photo.

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