Katie’s New Horse…ACoolCat

A warm welcome to ACoolCat!

A warm welcome to ACoolCat!

Katie, my 13 year old daughter, spent the entire summer looking for a horse. While I’ve been endeared to the American Quarter horse all my life, Katie decided that she was interested in a gaited horse, perhaps a Paso Fino. So, this past summer Katie and her Dad traveled, checked-out and rode numerous Paso’s. Finally, late September, Katie found the horse of her dreams! ACoolCat or ‘Cat’ is a 3 year old Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse gelding. He stands at about 15.1 hands and is a beautiful black with red tint in his body, main and tail. Cat has a heart of gold and is a quick and willing learner, always looking for adventure! It wasn’t long before we all fell in love with Cat!

A little info about the breed: For over 200 years, the saddle horse has lived in the hills and valleys of many parts of Kentucky. Originally bred by the mountain people for the demanding needs of farm life, the horse which had been secluded for many years became noticed and domesticated in the late 1980’s. Over the last 20 some years these horses have become a highly sought after “pleasure horse” in all of Kentucky as well as around the world, for their easy going temperament, intelligence, versatility, willingness, and most notably, a smooth, natural 4-beat gait. Many members of long-time Kentucky families remember well the stories of the many extraordinary feats that were told about these horses by their grandfathers and great grandfathers around the dinner table.

In 1989, Robert Robinson, Jr., a native of Irvine, Kentucky formed the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association® (KMSHA) to document and preserve the ancestry and rich heritage of the mountain saddle horse. There are now over 18,000 registered Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses and 2,900 individuals and families are members of the Association. The KMSHA is indisputably the largest and fastest growing Mountain Horse breed in existence today.

As you can imagine, most of Katie’s “free time” is spent in the barn with Cat! I’m sure Katie would agree…life is good!

Blessing, Jenny


2 thoughts on “Katie’s New Horse…ACoolCat

  1. I think I saw this beauty in the pasture when I visited your open house today. I wanted to spend a minute with you, but it was real busy (that’s a good thing!). The goodies were great and I would love the recipe for the cracker? goodies and the toffee. I hope you are planning on posting. Great open house, everything was beautiful!

  2. Thanks for visiting, maybe we’ll have a chance to chat next time you’re in the shop. The goodies you mentioned are a simple no-bake recipe. We published a little recipe book that’s in the shop for purchase. The Holiday Heath Bars you mention call for Ritz crackers, Heath Toffee Brickle Bits and sweetened condensed milk! YUM!

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