WOW! How time flys when you’re having fun! So much has happened since my last entry that I’m not sure where to begin!? I guess I’ll just begin with the garden…

Since we’ve experienced several HARD frosts, it’s time to clean-up the garden and put it to ‘bed’ for the winter. I’ve harvested any remaining tomatoes, beans, etc. but left the cool weather crops for pick’n as needed. The make-do tomatoe and pea trellis has been disassembled and put into storage. Been busy freezing any surplus veggies for winter use. Old vines and vegetation have been removed and placed into the compost pile where it awaits a final ‘shreading’ by hubby. Increasing the surface area helps with decomposition. Made several batches of herb vinegar to preserve the herbal harvest for use in yummy recipes ’til we can get back to fresh herbs in the garden next spring. Amended the garden beds with remaining compost from last year. Still pick’n lavender and planted lettuce greens in the cold frame…ah, life is good.

As for the farm, Cool Cat, my daughter’s new horse (a Kentucky Mountain Gaited Horse, but that’s a separate subject matter worthy of follow-up!) has pretty much adjusted to his new home. We’ve acclimated him to his new diet which consists of lots of pasture grass. At present time, he’s on pasture for 12 hours and in his stall overnite. Eventually he’ll be outdoors for the most part.  I’ll post a pic of Cool Cat soon!

Since the Mt Bruce Sheep & Wool Festival and Annual Heritage Color Tour, we have a new addition to the farm…Testiamo, or ‘Mac’. Mac is a 7-month old registered Shetland ram (also worthy of a follow-up entry & pic too) who I purchased to breed with my Shetland ewes. You’ll be hearing more about lambing this Spring! I’ve already sheared, skirted, washed and picked his warm chocolate brown wool fleece…still undecided what I’ll make with it?! Hmmm…

Holly and Nelly, my dairy goats, have been dried-off. I sooooooo miss my fresh milk!!! I’m hoping to breed them in November, so you’ll be hearing more about kidding in Spring too! Katie and I spent this past Fri/Sat/Sun at a 4-H Goat Workshop at Kettenun Center in northern Michigan. What a great experience – learned lots, met lots of wonderful people and ate too much!! I’d highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in a 4-H goat project!!! BTW, I’ve also completed my 4-H volunteer leader training/orientation.

Since I’ve goofed-off this weekend, I’ve got LOTS of fiber’n to do in preparation for my Holiday Open House at Sheepy Hollow. FYI, Open House at the shop is Fri/Sat November 14 & 15. Check my website (www.sheepyhollow.com) for more info. Be sure to mark your calendars. I’ve been so busy fiber’n, making herb vinegar and goat’s milk soap…what day did you say it is??

Well, got to go…Happy Haunting to all the little goblins out there…

Blessings, Jen


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