Fair Week!

I’m soooo glad to be home from the Armada ‘Best Little Country’ Fair and back to the normal routine! Well, I’ll admit I’m still catching up on all the chores that were left undone during fair week. UGH! The garden has gone wild! I’m sure I’ve picked a bushel basket full of beans, lots of ripe tomatos (many of which ended-up in the freezer)…and too many zucchini to count. The chickens feasted on all the surplus torpedo sized zucchini. YUM!

Katie and her dairy goats did very well at the Fair considering this was her first year with 4-H and her goats! Holly and Nelly both took a first place in their respective dairy goat breeds, and Holly was awarded Best in Show. Katie also placed 4th in showmanship! All her goat-related projects received A’s/blue ribbons and her Chevre Cheese was awarded Best in Class! Go Katie!! It’s interesting to know that the 4-H’ers are interviewed one-on-one as part of the award/judging process. The kids really need to know their stuff!

The goats seemed to enjoy all the city folk and attention, but by the weekend, they were ready to go home too! Back to the peace and quiet of the farm! Here’s a pic of Holly, Little Red Riding Hood and Katie, the Big Bad Wolf, in costume at the Fair. They won 1st place within the goat competion and 3rd for overall animals! Aren’t they too cute!

Another major task is behind us. We had over 300 bales of hay delivered today which had to be put up in the barn. Why is it always on the hottest day of summer? With the frequent rainfall, there’s been a rumor of hay shortage…and prices going thru the roof. Well, the critters don’t have to worry this winter. 

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but Katie has been looking for a horse all summer.  Did I mention my Quarter Horse, Easter, died this past spring? He was 32 years old and I miss him terribly! She’s interested in a Paso Fino – so it’s been a long slow process! She’s expressed an interest in Rocky Mountain Horse too!

Well, Saturday we have a couple of prospects to look at, so I’ll keep you posted! Later!



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