More Goat News!

I hope your Memorial Day Weekend was celebratory! My family and I visited Greenfield Village and participated in a Civil War Rremembrance. It was wonderful! We visited with hundreds of military reenactors, Michigan Cavalry Brigade, drum and fife, concerts, Fashions of the Time and much more. I hope you took a moment to reflect and honor those who have fought and died to preserve our great nation!

A quick update on my goat-keeping adventure. At nine weeks, the Alpine kids are weaned, weighing in at 41 and 35 pounds! In the meantime, Nelly, an Oberhasli, joined our ‘family’ about a week ago. She kidded May 14. Between the two girls, they’re providing me with a little more that a gallon of milk each day. I’ve been freezing milk to use in soap-making and we’ve been consuming the balance. This week I hope to begin my cheese-making experience! I’ve been researching the subject as well as purchasing several books and supplies.

I’ve also been working steadily on the gardens…but it’s been so chilly, I dare not set out the green peppers! We have another frost warning tonight and peppers prefer almost ‘tropical’ warmth! I also mistakenly dug-up a plot of parsley that I failed to mark with a stake and have to re-plant! UGH! Parsley is so very slow to germinate too!

We’ve been making a list of the unavoidable chores that need to get done around the house and farm too. We’ve reached a point in our lives that if it aint written down, it aint gettin done! It seems that the list keeps getting longer and longer. 

Well, blessings to you, Jenny



One thought on “More Goat News!

  1. I know all about those longs list!
    If it ain’t written, it ain’t gettin

    I too have been in the cheese mode. Just researching so far. Curretnly we have ‘freshened’ lol (inside pun) the search for a Jersey heifer.

    Looking forward to our July event!

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