Parsley…flat leaf or curly?

Did you know…parsley (Petroselinium crispum) is, undoubtedly, the most used culinary herb. It’s a biennial, but usually grown as an annual because in the second year the leaves are tough and quickly flowers to produce seeds… Parsley seeds can be sown in a sunny to part-sun, well-drained location as soon as the garden soil is workable. Parsley enjoys cool spring weather and rain to grow. Harvest often! 

Curly (or French) and flat leaf (or Italian) parsley are both rich in iron, vitamins A & C, but the flat leaf parsley is considered to have more flavor. (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH CHINEESE PARSLEY OR CILANTRO). Curly parsley is often used as a garnish. Both are a natural breath freshener! Parsley is also a main ingredient in the french ‘bouquet garni’ – did you know that the stems actually contain more flavor than the leaves!? Parsley may be dried for later use (during the non-growing season), but retains more of its flavor if frozen! So, be sure to put some parsley into the freezer later this growing season. Come winter, you’ll be glad you did!  

Happy gardening!


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