What gives…French Tarragon vs. Russian?

Visitors to my herb garden often ask me what’s the difference between French and Russian tarragon? If you’re interested in tarragon for its culinary use, you’ll want to plant FRENCH tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus)…since Russian tarragon has no flavor. French tarragon is propagated from cuttings and root division, since it rarely flowers or produces seed. Tarragon is probably most famous for its flavorful vinegar and provides a subtle anise-like taste.  French tarragon is a perennial, requires full sun, good drainage and a cold spell for winter dormancy. Tarragon will grow 2-3 feet tall and has small pointed leaves that grows along the length of its long slender stems. I prefer tarragon infused in apple cider vinegar, but red wine vinegar is also tasty. Tarragon is also essential to French cuisine. Be sure to add French tarragon to your herb garden this summer!


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