Think Spring!

Garden Path

Garden Arbor

Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to plan a garden! As a variety of garden and seed catalogs find their way to our mailbox, it’s a great time to think spring! Begin by taking a visual walk of your garden from inside the house. Do you enjoy a particular view? Or, rather, is your view lacking? Next, go outside and take a walk in your garden. Perhaps you’ve decided to modify an existing garden or add a new garden to the landscape. 

Remember, a well-planned garden exhibits interest year round! Visual interest is accomplished through “hardscape”, or the brick and morter materials that we use to compose our garden. Did I say “compose”? Our gardens are truly a reflection of our personality and interests. Designing a garden can be as much fun as decorating a room in the house! 

Do you own a historic home? Why not begin by researching and planting a period garden? Theme gardens also help to visualize a new garden. Butterfly garden, herb/kitchen garden, cutting garden or water garden, to name a few, can add charm and interest to any landscape.

STOP! Before you buy any plants (or seeds), make sure you’ve layed a good foundation! Soil (double-dig and amendments), water source, paths, fencing, exposure, have all been carefully considered.  Stake out an area with string or garden hose to get a feel for the new garden. Remember, time spent preparing and doing the job properly is never wasted!


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