Tea Cozy Bonanza!


Hello fiber enthusiasts!

By the looks of it, guess you could say I’ve been on a wooly tea-cozy-making-bonanza! The tea cozies pictured are all made from 100% farm-raised wool by a process known as “seamless/resist” wet felting. Did you know that wool is a great insulator? I used my Shetland moorit (brown) and Corriedale natural for the tea cozy and then embellished it by needle felting the design on it using hand-dyed wool roving.  Kind of like ‘painting with wool’ but instead of a brush, you use a special needle with tiny little barbs on it to interlock the wool fibers together. NO KNITTING OR SEWING REQUIRED!

As we speak, I’m finishing up another tea cozy I felted with my silver Shetland. Guess I’ll put a kettle on the stove and brew a pot of tea! Come on by, sit a spell and have a cup…    (P.S. Visit my shop on-line at www.sheepyhollowherbs.com)

Warm Blessings, Jenny


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