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wooly wednesday: bigger is better


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Big Knit Scarves

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Dresser make-over… sneak peek!

I have a few days left to find ‘the perfect knob(s)’ for Katie’s dresser before she heads back to East Lansing!!! Y I K E S ! !


A touch of gray… to go-with her ‘refinished desk’.


A flea market find last summer… waiting for the right opportunity.


For Katie’s apartment/bedroom. Still looking, searching, for the right drawer knobs!??

Rose Petal Jam

rose petal jam-169

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I came across a recent article about rose petal jam by  Sylvia Fountaine, chef and owner of Feast Catering and was i m m e d i a t e l y intrigued!! I knew I had to steal away a few hours [before the hub-bub of Fair] to make this decadent concoction!!


My rugosa roses provided the necessary main ingredient: pesticide-free rose petals. The recipe was shared by Tonia Schemmel here.

I must agree… this is no ordinary jam! My kitchen smelled like a perfumery.


Try it!! I think you’ll really LOVE it!



Sheep vs. Cyclist

Katie’s boyfriend(s)


Zeak and Neo

wooly wednesday: catch all


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wooly wednesday: make-do project

Right about now, the ‘ l i t t l e s ‘ at home are likely getting a bit restless!? Looking for a little fun something to do/create?? How about a twist on latch-hook? Here’s a quick and easy [and minimal expense] fiber art project by Rachel Faucett. BTW, big kids may play also!! 



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My latest flea market find… a back-to-school desk!! WOOT!!

katie desk

Katie wants a desk for her bedroom apartment when she returns to E Lansing in the fall. At home, it’s not unusual to park and do homework at the kitchen table! [ Our kitchen has always been a beehive of activity! ]

The desk is in excellent condition and the price was R I G H T !! The difficulty will be agreeing on a make-over design. I defer to Barb Blair at Knack Studios. Her book and portfolio provide loads of inspiration!

I’m feeling pressured :: with the Armada Fair less than two weeks away :: to get all my projects completed in time. YIKES!!

Hurry. Hurry.


Herb Garden Make-Over

BEFORE, my busy little herb garden… no more!


My somewhat f o r m a l herb garden (located off my farm workshop) is was intricate and very ‘busy’. The footpath/aisle was really too narrow for a wheel barrow. The raised beds consisted of six main ‘gardens’ with a smaller ‘diamond’ focal point in the center. I also had raised beds around the entire perimeter/fence line. It was jamb-packed!! Over time, it became the proverbial 10-pounds in a 5-pound sack! TOO much going on!!!

Isn’t is funny how our ‘tastes’ change over time? Whether in home decor, lifestyle, hobbies, etc? Perhaps attributable to age and experience… mostly AGE??? The little voice whispering… be kinder and gentler to yourself. The realization and hopefully acceptance of the fact that YOU can’t do it all  as much as you used to?!? Priorities shift… and life changes along the way.

To that end, we ‘re-worked’ my herb garden. The raised beds needed a little help, definitely showing their age and effects of winter freeze, heave and thaw!

AFTER, my herb garden. Key feature: S I M P L I F Y !!!

garden process

We worked within the existing footprint of the garden and re-used ALL of the salvageable lumber! Only two new additional boards and additional oyster shell (for the path) had to be purchased for this make-over! YAY!

It was a matter of staging: transplanting herbs, tearing down the old and replacing with the new. One garden box/bed at a time! Oh my, the number of herbs I tossed into the chicken’s scratching pen!! :/

herb garden makeover

I kept ~ ONLY ~ one small existing garden bed as is, near the front gate entry. I also opted for THREE raised beds centered in the existing space (if you don’t count the well head/water feature). However, I did re-construct taller garden boxes, two boards high (instead of one).

my herb garden

Another view of my ‘new’ herb garden.

raised bed

My water feature, just for fun. I knew that old wagon wheel rim would come in handy! heehee

garden pump

It feels good. De-cluttered and simplified… an acknowledgement/acceptance of a lifestyle change. Thanks to my dear husband :: who without his enduring love [and tolerance] :: nothing would be possible!

Happy gardening!